About The Prints

Our family here at FourWinds Lighthouse Map Paintings (and by that I mean our literal little “family”) believes very strongly in the philosophy that you should try to make the world a more beautiful place during your stay here in some special personal way that is in close keeping with your natural talents and uniquely arisen predilections – a way that truly suits you and that makes you happy when you think about it.

We are thrilled that people continue to find beauty in the details of our paintings and in the elegant and intricate map lines that surround and complement each improbable gather of brush strokes. We love that a part of what we are offering with our map prints is an uncommon bird’s eye view of some of this country’s most awesome and breathtaking coastland, a faithful and studied interpretation of the land itself, but rendered in a scale we can touch with our fingertips and hold in our hands (and in our mind’s eye, and in our heart). We also are enamored with the history embodied in these stoic coastal landmarks we depict, and in the deep seafaring heritage that they represent for all Americans. And we have always been glad that we are able to offer our prints to the people who enjoy them for a price that makes their beauty and underlying gifts of the imagination easily accessible to almost everyone. But we had lately been looking for another way to help in the world, and we are excited to have come upon this new way that seems to suit us well too.

We love the land. We love getting out and exploring the beauty ranging around us, and we are blessed each day to live in the places that we do, surrounded by relatively vast tracts of protected wild land. But we know there are places of beauty that are at risk of being lost to the public forever, buried under layers of concrete or competing private interests, and we know that it is just a matter of time before these sorts of places become so diminished in area or integrity that they are effectively beyond our saving. But Today (!) there are natural areas out there (vital and breathing and full of beauty beneath the four winds!) that are still worth protecting and preserving for their ecological value as well as their aesthetic quality, areas necessary for species survival or that have intrinsic potential for public recreational use, places that could help restore and rejuvenate our selves and our citizen neighbors in a time when we all gravely need some real inspiriting.

We have decided to devote the heart of this business to something we feel very strongly about: land conservation in America. So we are committed to setting aside 10% of all proceeds derived from the online sales of our lighthouse map prints, and we are determined to use the monies to support the land conservation efforts of respected conservation agencies that are daily operating with courage, foresight and tenacity in our midst. We will utilize these established organizations with their proven dedication and know-how as our charities, donating to groups like The Nature Conservancy and other highly regarded local/regional land trust entities that are working on worthy projects that we deem important and compelling, and personal – It will be fun! And as we start building this fund and choosing recipients, we will post our various contributions on this page, so that you may share in the excitement and joy of this project that you are a part of as well.

We are an environmentally friendly company. We practice environmentally conscious decision making and try to remember daily that we are all sharing a ride here. Please take pride in your purchases – that they assist with the worthwhile cause of land conservation, and tell your friends about our eco-friendly gift ideas. “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”(Thoreau) We like to think we are saving the world one print at a time! In every brushstroke is a piece of creation! Thank you again very deeply for your interest in and support of our endeavors. Sincerely, The Tanner Family

About The Prints