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We are pleased to offer our entire collection of distinctive lighthouse prints for sale on this website! We presently have 43 different coastal lighthouse prints for sale that include an assortment of paintings of lighthouses from Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Ohio (Lake Erie). And we are currently in the process of offering an even greater selection of marine paintings and lighthouse art, by adding more lighthouse map prints to our inventory that will depict lights from the Georgia coast as well.

Isle Au Haut

Isle Au Haut Lighthouse in Maine

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Each strikingly original lighthouse painting offered on our website was initially rendered by hand onto the actual surface of its corresponding full-size USGS* topographic quad map, using a combination of artistic techniques in watercolors and pen & ink media. These original map-bound seascape paintings were then reduced to a more desirable and frame-friendly size to create our 11x14 and 11x17 inch lighthouse prints that we present for sale to you here.

The artist, Wendy Tanner, has been producing beautiful Maine art, New England art (and beyond!), gorgeously rendered seascape paintings, and a variety of other appealing maritime art for more than twenty years now. She is just one of many Maine artists doing Maine paintings, nautical paintings, and lighthouse art – New England and otherwise – but it is her particular style of lighthouse artwork on coastline topographic maps (often incorporating historic schooners and regionally celebrated sailing vessels into her lighthouse compositions), using evocative and flowing water color methods and bold India ink, that is so unique and original and makes her lighthouse paintings stand out amongst the crowd, and her work of special interest to lighthouse art collectors and other connoisseurs of fine art marine prints and seascape paintings. We are excited to bring you this unparalleled lighthouse painting collection by a truly accomplished east coast and Maine artist.

Though these exceptional maritime paintings have been available over the past eight years as “Maine Light Maps” and “Southern Light Maps” (in limited quantities and assortments) in select fine gift shops, at top Maine art shows, and in nautical art and lighthouse stores across the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and Great Lakes region (as well as in many wonderful maritime museum and historic lighthouse museum stores specializing in superior quality and authentic handcrafted marine art), the complete collection of Wendy’s lighthouse paintings has never been available to the general public in one place and in its entirety…Until now!

So here, for the first time ever, is Wendy Tanner’s whole extensive offering of lighthouse art prints. Under the broader scope of her new FourWinds Lighthouse Map Paintings, this website will be the primary showcase for all of her established lighthouse pictures as well as all upcoming works of art, and the best place for you to go to order any prints from her outstanding line of stunning lighthouse paintings on detailed map backgrounds. You can check out any of her individual lighthouse map prints up-close by clicking on the “View Lighthouse Paintings” link on this page and following the appropriate state links. Happy browsing!

*USGS topo and other quadrangle maps are in the public domain and are not protected by copyright. However, all artwork rendered on these maps is copyrighted by Wendy Tanner and FourWinds Lighthouse Map Paintings ().